The Guildford Centre for Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy services in Guildford, Surrey and surrounding areas

When can psychotherapy help

People seeking psychotherapy through the Guildford Centre for Psychotherapy may not necessarily be ill or even have "something wrong" with them. Sometimes people feel confused, worried, unable to make decisions or just unhappy and often find that psychotherapy can be of benefit.

Psychotherapy can be helpful if you:

  • are feeling stressed and anxious
  • are having difficulties with your relationships
  • are feeling depressed
  • lack confidence
  • have suffered a loss, bereavement or trauma
  • seek a better understanding of yourself
  • are experiencing physical symptoms with no clear reason
  • are experiencing a ‘life crisis’

Therapy endeavours to reach the underlying, often unconscious, causes of distress through providing an opportunity to explore emotional and relationship problems in the present and from the past.

In the confidential setting of the therapy, and in the interaction with the therapist, a relationship is established in which a new understanding of long term problems may be reached. This may eventually lead to a better resolution of any conflicts and a fuller life. Creativity may be liberated and working efficiency enhanced.

Psychotherapy is a gradual process and needs commitment over a period of time.

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