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Previous Public Lectures

The GCP holds a series of public lectures each spring which are open to the public as well as psychotherapists and health professionals. Here are some of the lectures we have previously held.



  • Alessandra Cavalli, child and an adult analyst in private practice, is a training and supervising analyst at the Society of Analytical Psychology (SAP). She supervises therapeutic work with children in care in Mexico (Juconi) since 2007. Her talk was entitled "Nowhere phenomena - Reflections on identification, de-identification and re-identification".
  • Anne Alvarez, is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist (and retired Co-Convener of the Autism Service, Child and Family Dept. Tavistock Clinic, London, where she still teaches). Anne's lecture was entitled "Melancholia and Mourning in Childhood and Adolescence: Some reflections on the role of the internal object"


  • David Morgan, a consultant psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, both in the NHS and private practice, who worked for many years as a Consultant at the Portman Clinic. ‘Destroying the Knowledge and Need for Love:  Perverse States of Mind, fear of the Void and Intimacy.’
  • Adam Jukes, a graduate psychologist currently in private practice in Highgate, London, spoke on ‘The Analytical States of Perversion in the Light of Cultural Changes’. Adam started 'the Men's Centre', Europe's first dedicated treatment centre for abusive men in 1984.


  • Maggie Schaedel, Consultant Lead Adult Psychotherapist for Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, founder ofThe Woman’s Service, an award-winning specialist psychotherapy service for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. ‘In Distrust of Merits: Reflections from a Specialist Psychotherapy Service for Survivors of Sexual Abuse’.
  • Coline Covington, former Chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council and a Training Analyst and Supervisor of the Society of Analytical Psychology and the British Psychotherapy Foundation. ‘Problems of Forgiveness and Reparation in the Aftermath of Evil’.


  • Dr Earl Hopper, psychoanalyst, group analyst and organisational consultant in private practice in London and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association. ‘Trauma and Organisations in Everyday Life: some patterns of aggression as a defence against the fear of annihilation in the context of systemic regression’
  • Dr Gwen Adshead, Forensic Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. ‘Murder Stories:  narrative approaches to therapy with people who have killed’.


  • Dr Peter Shoenberg, Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Hospital  and a psychoanalytic psychotherapist - 'Working with psychosomatic patients: contemporary psychoanalytic understanding'.
  • Dr Julian Stern, Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy in the Adult Department at the Tavistock Centre, where he is now head of the Psychiatry discipline - 'Trying to keep the body and mind in mind: psychoanalytic psychotherapy with medically symptomatic patients'.


  • Dr Sarah Majid, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Tavistock & Portman Foundation Trust - 'Complex and Severe Trauma in Adults: a psychoanalytic approach'
  • Dr Jean Knox - 'The Unbearable Nature of Meaning: neuroscience, dissociation, shame and the sense of self'


  • Jeremy Holmes - 'From Freud to fMRI:
    The Psychodynamic Clinician in the Mood Disorder Lab
    What can we learn about depression? What can we contribute?'
  • Margaret Wilkinson - 'Changing Minds in Therapy:
    Neurobiology, Attachment and Trauma - Creating Connection'


  • Kate Burrows - 'Healthy Feet in Good Shoes; Mourning & Developments in the Internal Object in the Recovery from Autistic and Narcissistic States of Mind'
  • Donald Campbell - 'Understanding the Aggressive Act'


  • Dr. Margo Waddell - 'Narcissism: An Adolescent Disorder?'
  • Amanda Jones - 'Cumulative Relational Trauma in Parent-Infant Relationships'


  • Helen Morgan - 'Between Fear and Blindness: Issues of 'Race' in Psychotherapy'
  • Fakhry Davids  - 'Race, Culture and Psychotherapy''


  • Dr. Carine Minne - 'Violence to Body and Mind&'
  • Dr. Sheilagh Davies - 'Madness or Pain'/li>


  • Dr. Marcus Johns - 'Pain, Shame & Empathy' 
  • Dr. Mary Target - 'Successful Narcissism Breaking Down: in life and in treatment'


  • Prophecy Coles - 'Should we take our siblings seriously?'
  • Margaret Rustin - 'Taking Account of Sibling Relationships: A View from Child Psychotherapy'


  • Dr. Richard Lucas - 'Making Sense of Psychosis'
  • Dr. Luis Rodriguez de la Sierra - 'On the Way to Utopia: Working with unconscious factors involved in drug addiction'


  • Valerie Sinason - 'Generational Transmission of Trauma: The biggest unconscious offence'
  • Dr. Ravi Rana - 'My Mother's Best Friend: A failure in the normal use of aggression during adolescence'


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