The Guildford Centre for Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy services in Guildford, Surrey and surrounding areas

Welcome to the Guildford Centre for Psychotherapy

The Guildford Centre for Psychotherapy is a professional association of psychoanalytic psychotherapists, founded in 1976 in the Guildford and surrounding areas. At present, our members are largely based in Surrey.

The GCP offers a range of services:

For those seeking psychotherapy, via our members, the GCP aims to offer a professional service of the highest quality. This includes:

    • Individual psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy
    • Group therapy
    • Brief psychotherapy
    • Reduced fee psychotherapy
    • Medico-legal reports
    • Child protection issues

We can also offer fellow psychotherapists and counsellors individual and group supervision and case consultation
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For the wider public, (either in the helping professions or those generally interested) the GCP seeks to promote psychoanalytic/psychodynamic thought and awareness and understanding of the human mind and psyche. Each Spring we hold an Annual Lecture which is open to the public as well as psychotherapists, counsellors and health professionals. Public lectures >>

For its own members, it provides opportunities for professional development as well as guidance and support. The GCP is not a training organisation. If you are a qualified psychotherapist you might like to consider joining GCP >>

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Public Lectures

For your diary:

The date for the 2019 Lecture will be: 16th March 2019

Speaker: Dr Susan Mizen

'An Introduction to Neuroscience: Why it is important for Psychotherapists'

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