The Guildford Centre for Psychotherapy
Psychotherapy services in Guildford, Surrey and surrounding areas


Upon contacting your local therapist, you will be offered an introductory session for which a professional fee will be charged. All fees are agreed between you and your therapist.

Fees will also be charged for any further sessions you may have; there is, however, no obligation to proceed after the initial consultation. As there is some variation in the fees that individual therapists charge, please ask about the current range of fees.

GCP Reduced Fee Scheme

The Guildford Centre for Psychotherapy offers a reduced fee to clients in difficult circumstances, subject to availability. Clients can be offered a maximum of 20 therapy sessions at a subsidised rate. A normal fee is payable for the initial consultation.

This service is not available for students of psychotherapy/counselling.

For enquiries, contact one of the GCP members under ‘Find a Therapist’ but please note that places on this scheme are limited.